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A Metaphysical Insight to the Bible and Teachings of Master Sananda

The Bible Deconstructed - Part One

6-Week Program on Saturdays at 11:00am EST
Now Starting November 11 , 2023

RJ Spina's upcoming 6-Week Program: The Bible Deconstructed offers an enlightened, revolutionary, ground-breaking, and deeply personal deconstruction of the most influential book ever written.

What we have been taught to believe in is a lie. What we have dismissed as pure fiction is true


Through this course, the greatest mysteries will be revealed and your life will never be the same again.


The Bible Deconstructed begins with Genesis and the First Three Books of Moses.
We will be using the King James version of The Bible, which was edited by Sir Francis Bacon – an incarnation of an Ascended Master, the true author of Shakespeare’s timeless works, and one of the greatest minds to ever walk the earth.

The information regarding the soul of Sir Francis Bacon and the roles he has played is of vital importance to humanity will be explained and revealed in ways that you will never hear anywhere else.


It will forever change your view of God, humanity, and creation itself. 

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Entrance will be offered on a first come- first serve basis.

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of The Bible Deconstructed Part One

The First Book of Moses


1-2 Creation of Heaven and Earth

3-5 Creation of the Light

20-25 Creation of Fish, Fowl, Beasts, and Cattle

26-28 Creation of Man in the Image of God


In the First Book of Moses, we will learn the truth about…


  • How did creation really begin?

  • Who or what is the God in the first book of Moses?

  • What specifically is the creation of the light?

  • What does it really mean to be created in God’s image?

  • Who exactly is Moses and why does the bible begin with him?

The Second Book of Moses


4-7 The Manner of Creation

8-20 The Garden of Eden

21-25 God Creates Woman as Helper to the Man


In the Second Book of Moses, we will discover…


  • What is the true metaphysical mechanics of the manner of creation?

  • What are the hidden secrets about the Garden of Eden and who are the true identities of Adam and Eve?

  • Did God create woman as a helper to man or is that a lie?

The Third Book of Moses


1-8 The Serpent’s Deception and Man’s Shameful Fall

9-13 God Questions Adam and Eve

14-15 The Serpent is Cursed

16-24 The Punishment God Promises for Mankind


In the Third Book of Moses, we will learn…


  • Who is the serpent of deception, and is that character real?

  • What is man’s shameful fall and what does that really mean?

  • What is the curse upon the Serpent and is that real?

  • Did God promise punishment for humanity and is that really God?

Start Date: Saturday, November 11th

End Date: Saturday, December 16th

When: Saturdays 8am PST / 10am CST 5pm EET / 2am (+1) AEDT

Course Includes:

  • 6  60-min live zoom classes + 15min Q/A 

  • Weekly Written Learning Materials

  • Weekly Assignments & Practices

  • One Year Access to Class Recordings

  • Private community + support

  • 24-7 App Access

  • 5 Bonus Meditations

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