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The Bible Deconstructed
5 Part Series

July 2024

RJ Spina's upcoming Program: The Bible Deconstructed offers an enlightened, revolutionary, ground-breaking, and deeply personal deconstruction of the most influential book ever written. Part 5 focuses on Christ's Crucifixion.

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The Bible Deconstructed Part Five: Christ’s Crucifixion


Curriculum Includes:

The New Testament

Saint Matthew 27

27:1-25 The Death of Judas

26-49 Jesus is Mocked and Crucified

50-66 Jesus Dies and is Buried

Saint Matthew 28:1-10

  • What is the truth regarding one of the most influential events in human history?

  • Was Jesus really crucified?

  • What really happened?

  • What is the true meaning of this event as it relates to earth, humanity, and the collective consciousness?

  • What is the ideology behind the idea of a savior?

  • What is Christ’s role in the evolution of humanity?

  • What Ascended Master is currently responsible for the next age of Humanity’s evolution and ascension?

  • If the Crucifixion didn’t take place, what actually happened?

The Bible Deconstructed
5-Part Series

5 Parts - 6 Weeks Each - 30 Weeks Total!

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5-Part Course Includes:

  • 30 total sessions over 30 weeks

  • Each session: 60-min live zoom classes + 15min Q/A

  • 30 Weekly Reading Assignments

  • LIFETIME Access to Class Recordings

  • Private community + support

  • NEW!! STARTING for all 2024 courses: All NEW App and learning management system upgrade!

  • 24-7 community chat & facebook style threads

A Whole New Way to Learn!

Starting in 2024, ALL courses will be held on our new learning system with capabilities 1000x greater than our current app! Our team has been working tirelessly on preparing the system. We can't wait for you to be able to interact with all of your classmates in the new community, make friends, discuss the teachings, assign community leaders, and SO much more!!!

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