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2024- Change Your Mind LIVE!
Next Level Liberation

Starting July 27, 2024
Saturdays - Time TBA
6 Weeks/ 12 Sessions

Based upon the revolutionary and enlightened metaphysics from RJ’s latest best-selling book Change Your Mind, this live course will enhance and expand the power of the teachings to the next level.

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This LIVE course with RJ will provide you with 12 Total sessions, new teachings, motivation, and deep insights to supercharge your self-control and self-discipline in ways you didn’t think possible.     


You will learn what it truly takes to not only truly change your mind and your life but liberate yourself from everything that holds you back. This course will unleash the best in you like never before!

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Work 1-on-1 with RJ

Transformation in Less Than 10 minutes


Every Wednesday, join us for a Merlin’s Round Table style class where students will get 1-1 time with Merlin to overcome their biggest challenge and most difficult spell of limitation.

The rest of the class will get to watch and learn during these live interactions. It’s a fantastic way for everyone learn, grow, evolve, and connect with each other!

A Deep Dive into the Subconscious Mind

In Change Your Mind LIVE! we will dive deeper into the endless amount of limitations that have been programmed into the subconscious mind of humanity and discover how to not only transcend them but how to actually thrive and have the freedom to enjoy a peaceful, centered, and purposeful inner AND outer life. 

In my opinion, these are the things that truly matter, and humanity as a whole has been robbed of this for far, far too long. 

If you do not feel authentic joy or a sense of freedom in your every day life, there is something hidden within your subconscious mind that has yet to be discovered. 

The destructive and intrusive thoughts and behaviors that stop us from taking chances, following our dreams, improving our life, and more are all attributed to limiting subconscious egoic patterns.


Nearly all our behavior is inauthentic to who and what we really are- it's simply a product of the Matrix we have been inserted into. 

Over the next 6 weeks and 12 sessions, I will share with you the personal protocols I've used to liberate myself from limitation in all aspects of life so you can literally:

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During these 6 weeks we will go to work on your biggest challenges and uncover the true sticking points that have been holding you back.

Together, we will discover the subtle ways you can recognize the deprogramming process is working, and how to ensure your continued success well after this course ends.


You will also learn how to embody your new state of liberation through your newly found true desires, thoughts, actions, and behaviors.


Your Authentic Self Awaits!


To top all it all off- Saturday sessions will ALSO include Merlin's Round Tables!


You Will Learn...

  • What the subconscious mind is and how it creates your reality

  • How to overcome your biggest obstacles and challenges that limit your creative power

  • Enlightened metaphysics for deprogramming your subconscious from limitations

  • A repeatable and robust process that ensures your continued growth and liberation from programmed limiting beliefs

  • The many subtle signs to know that your deprogramming is working

  • How to develop iron will, tremendous self-control, and the keys to unlimited success through daily practices

  • A system to measure and track your energetic investments

  • How to avoid the pitfalls of programmed limiting behavior and unsatisfying results

  • How to know the difference between the Real You and your EMI limitation program

  • The many characteristics and traits of the Real You

  • How to incorporate and embody the Real You into the life you wish to create

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