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Vibrational Engineering ©️
Live Course with RJ Spina

The Metaphysics of Money Manifestation
June 11- August 6, 2023

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Vibration Engineering is the science of personal development that allows the very best version of yourself to manifest in every facet of your life. In this class, the focus is the metaphysics of money manifestation, business success, and wealth creation.

What's Included:

  •  (9) 75-Minute Sessions: Each class includes a 15-min Q/A with RJ

  • 150+ Pages of Written Content: Includes transcriptions, step by step processes, and how-to's to deprogram the subconscious mind & manifest money

  •  Personalized Review & Feedback by RJ: Every week get guidance from RJ on the assignments you submit

  •  Printable Worksheets & Ebook: Get interactive worksheets, questionnaires, & daily exercises to promote inner transformation

  •  Actionable Protocols on Money Manifestation: Includes what to do, why, and how

  • ​Access to Learning Materials & Recordings In-App

My Promise

By fully participating, working with the assignments, and implementing the protocols into your life, you will transform your relationship to money of one of freedom, abundance, and power.

Walk Away With:

  • A personalized, actionable plan to exponentially grow your income

  • ​A revolutionary, clear and powerful understanding of how you create your reality ​​

  • ​​ Actionable, understandable, and repeatable steps that foster money manifestation

  • ​Confidence, empowerment, and tools to completely recreate your financial health 

  • ​The freedom from your conditioned and brainwashed programming of lack and limitation

  • ​The revolutionary teachings of vibrational engineering

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