• RJ Spina

Stop Searching, You Are What You Seek

Dear Truth Seekers,

We all let ourselves in our quest for Truth think that the answer lies somewhere out there. We want something that brings greater knowledge, more peace of mind, less suffering and answers to why our world is insane. Surely there must be a book, a movie, or even an article that will deliver us to that place of truth and serenity. A place where the constant chatter in our mind ceases, feelings of doubt and pain wash away and all our longings disappear.

Does that place even exist? And if so, where is it?

It does exist. It always has. It's you. You are the totality of all there is, was and ever will be.

Let's examine this. All our five senses actually do is relay electrical impulses to the back of our brain (which is in water, in the dark and fully enclosed in our skull) and our brain then "creates" our reality for us; this incredible illusion of an "outside" world that seems to be separate from us.

But how is it not separate? It sure seems that way. It isn't because we cannot experience anything that is not a PART of us.

Nothing exists unless something is there to experience it. There must be a subject and an object always. Both must be present.

Stay with me. Our five senses cannot exist unless there is something for our five senses to experience. Meaning, seeing only exists when there is something to see and something to do the "seeing." Both must be present and are interconnected. There is no experience without being part of the experience. If you are intrinsically connected and needed for an experience to take place, then how could anything exist "outside" of you?

Take your time with this. When you are ready let's ask ourselves 'Why is this is so important?'

Because it demonstrates that all you seek is actually within YOU (and the absolute impossibility of being alone but that is another subject for later).

The only journey that ever takes place is within. We cannot journey outside of ourselves. Try it. Everything that is experienced is experienced by you experiencing IT. There is no one without the other. "The Kingdom of Heaven Lies Within" is exactly this.

Let's go back to finding that place we are looking for. Where everything seems to make sense. Where true joy lives. Where suffering ceases. Where all longing disappears and Truth is simply a concept.

You needn't look far for that place. In fact, you only find it when you don't look.

You simply just need to be.

But what does that mean and how do we do that? By stopping the freight train of endless thoughts we conjure up. By letting go of the desires and feelings created by our ego. By Simply not looking, expecting or grasping.

Worldly endeavors are distractions and illusions that keep us from finding this place we seek.

This place only exists in the NOW. And the Fully experienced now is YOU.

It is the place (YOU) that exists beyond all thoughts, feelings, concepts and beliefs.

All is revealed, all you need, all there is… is within you. Right now. Where else can it be?

All you have to do is stop looking...

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