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I saw RJ on the Jeff Mara podcast and was blown away. im 60 years old and mother and great grandmother.

im an artist, I do all different types of art. I believe in God and the Bible, I also believe in this higher way of thinking and being. It’s all in Jesus teaching and the Bible God is creator and we are created in his image. Anyway all of this is in the Bible which is very exciting to me. Jesus said we will do greater things than he did.. I never believed that till now. Earth life is challenging yet now I think of it as fun And I would like to be a conqueror. We are parts of God experiencing this physical life with amnesia.. wow are we nuts? I hope to learn to heal, and live in the magic. I call it the God flow.. the now moment, the “be still” and know that he is God. The great “I am” I feel like I’ve got a long way to go since my body is sick. I’ll get there. I live in Northern California but would like to eventually move to New Mexico it’s my home.. well… lol my earth home. The art there is amazing. thats all for now.. ❤️

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