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How Financing Works

Any live course I teach whose price exceeds $949 is now available for 100% financing! 

Nobody can use the self-limiting and self-sabotaging mantra of ‘I can’t afford it’ anymore!


Just fill out the form (button below), and you will quickly receive (in about 20 seconds) financing offers from various lenders. This ‘soft pull’ pre-qualification does not affect your credit.


Upon your approval, you then click on the offer you want. We will then send you a waiver/invoice/stripe link for just a $250 deposit to hold your seat. You will work directly with the lender you have chosen to obtain financing for the course. This only takes a few business days. 


Once you receive your funding, typically in about 3 – 5 business days, you will then pay the remaining balance of the course via a secure link we will send you upon notification that you have been funded.


From there, all you do is make affordable monthly payments based upon whatever financing option you chose! Amazing.  


*You must be a US citizen, with a social security number, a bank account and income to qualify*


Myself and my team went to great lengths to be able to provide financing options.

Nobody has to miss out on the enlightened teachings and timeless wisdom that will transform your life in every way.


We are thrilled and can’t wait to share with you the keys to the kingdom of mastery, liberation, and success! 


To ensure you will be funded a sufficient amount, follow the step below:

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 9.19.31 PM.png


1. For the Total Transformation Course: Enter " 1067" into the Amount Requested section

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