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The Bible Deconstructed: Part 2

January 2024

RJ Spina's upcoming Program: The Bible Deconstructed offers an enlightened, revolutionary, ground-breaking, and deeply personal deconstruction of the most influential book ever written.

What we have been taught to believe in is a lie. What we have dismissed, as pure fiction, is true


Through this course, the greatest mysteries will be revealed and your life will never be the same again.


The Bible Deconstructed begins with Genesis and the First Three Books of Moses.
We will be using the King James version of The Bible, which was edited by Sir Francis Bacon – an incarnation of an Ascended Master, the true author of Shakespeare’s timeless works, and one of the greatest minds to ever walk the earth.

The information regarding the soul of Sir Francis Bacon and the roles he has played is of vital importance to the creation and freeing of humanity. This will be explained and revealed in ways that you will never hear anywhere else.


It will forever change your view of God, humanity, and creation itself. 

This course has a duration of 30 total weeks, or 5 separate 6-week courses. You can pick and choose which you would like to participate in. See below for information on all 5 parts

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of The Bible Deconstructed Part Two

The Bible Deconstructed Part Two:
Cain and Abel

Curriculum Includes:

The Fourth Book of Moses

1-7 Cain and Abel

8 Cain Murders Abel

9-18 The Lord Places a Curse Upon Cain


The Gospel According to St. Luke

17-19 Jesus Heals Many

20-26 Jesus Teaches About Blessings and Curses

27-37 Love Your Enemies

37-42 Do Not Judge Others

43-45 An Illustration of Trees and Their Fruit

46-49 Build on the Rock


  • What were the directives and agendas of both Cain and Abel?

  • Did Cain really murder Abel?

  • How does the story of Enki and Enlil correlate to Cain and Abel?

  • What were the spiritual metaphysics Christ employed when performing healings?

  • Where did he learn these techniques and from whom?

  • What did Jesus mean on a deeper level when he spoke about blessings and curses?

  • Did Jesus really teach loving your enemies or is that a misinterpretation?


Start Date: January 2024


The Bible Deconstructed:
a 5-Part Series

5 Parts - 6 Weeks Each - 30 Weeks Total!

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5-Part Course Includes:

  • 30 total sessions over 30 weeks

  • Each session: 60-min live zoom classes + 15min Q/A

  • 30 Weekly Reading Assignments

  • LIFETIME Access to Class Recordings

  • Private community + support

  • NEW!! STARTING for all 2024 courses: All NEW App and learning management system upgrade!

  • 24-7 community chat & facebook style threads

A Whole New Way to Learn!

Starting in 2024, ALL courses will be held on our new learning system with capabilities 1000x greater than our current app! Our team has been working tirelessly on preparing the system. We can't wait for you to be able to interact with all of your classmates in the new community, make friends, discuss the teachings, assign community leaders, and SO much more!!!

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