Just want to say a big thank you to RJ for giving me insight and pointers into my true nature. Truly priceless! I will forever be grateful for your wisdom and love.

Essie- Southbury, CT

RJ has had a profound impact on the way I view my life and business.   I see RJ as my spiritual, life & business coach.   I’ve been an entrepreneur, multiple business owner for many years with a type-A personality & hard on myself so I have had a hard time with balance and relaxation.  RJ has helped me see that my main overall goal is quality of life and so I have refocused my priorities and decision making to live for inner peace, calm & happiness.  With that said RJ has also helped me through (by talking through and tools he’s given me) and to thrive in formerly very stressful business situations including; acquisitions, lawsuits, and most recently the COVID craziness.   Where as before I would experience fear and anxiety & be stuck in my head,   I now am much calmer and actually enjoy formally stressful times.   My family is certainly grateful that I’m working with RJ as I’m a calmer, more peaceful, more present, and more loving with my wife and child.

Mathew- Carmel Valley, CA

I can’t say enough great things about my coaching sessions with RJ. Over the past few years, RJ has helped me and our company with some major decisions by helping us stay clean and clear and able to look at things objectively. As a result, we have had a reduction in stress, improved communications within upper management and peace during some very intense global pandemic and racial issues. RJ makes it easy to understand how to take back your life and not fall victim to what toxicity the world throws at you. By learning more about how to move through and away from toxicity we are better leaders and we have a stronger company that is able to thrive and be successful no matter what happens. RJ brings calmness and healing when we need it most and I’m beyond grateful to have him in my life. Anyone wanting to grow as a person, leader, business owner, spouse, friend, etc. should consider having the loving support of RJ. I’m eternally grateful.

Sheri H - San Diego, CA 

My first experience with RJ was like no other! I did not have a lot of knowledge on healings but figured I would give it a shot to see what it was all about. I knew I had personal issues that could use some help but did not really know what to expect....By the end of my first class I had a better understanding on how to bring about the peaceful coexistence within myself and realize the actions that were keeping me stuck in my current unhealthy state of mind. Not only did we come to a realization of my inner issues, I was able to leave with tips and tricks to work on the mind , to be able to handle future situations. It was an amazing experience with a very gifted individual. 

Nathalia- Long Beach , CA

I am truly grateful to have had this time with you! It has been fascinating, illuminating and so peaceful. I do not think I would have been able to have gotten through the major conflicts with my son and seen my culpability in it all without your wisdom and guidance. Usually, it would have put me in a depression where I wallowed in self pity and felt how worthless I am as a parent and person and stayed in that pain (EMI state) for a long while. Instead, because of your invaluable teachings, I was able to see how ineffective, damaging and controlling my words and actions were. It became crystal clear that I was acting from my EMI/ complete fear and causing harm. I know this awareness you have given me will make a difference in my relationship with my child. Also, my anxiety over my son and this virus, my uncle being ill, my brother being ill - all of it would have normally been overwhelmingly stressful for me and yet your learning tools to bring my awareness back to self, that there is no suffering in the Self and the Self is who I am, the tools to shut down the constant thinking, have been so effective and helped me so much in quelling my frequent anxiety! Nothing that I had done in the past had stopped the anxiety. I basically gave up and accepted that I was destined to suffer indefinitely. Any moment I am free from my maddening thoughts and anxiety is a true blessing for me!


Thank you for helping my brother and Uncle! Thank you for your patient and compassionate ways of steering me back to the Self. Thank you for being consistently kind and not judging me. Thank you for taking the time to remind me of what is true- that God is wisdom and unconditional love and compassion and I am one with God and God is one with me - nothing feels more healing to me than that truth! I will continue to do what you have taught me as it truly works. Thank you for being a beautiful, healing light in this dark world. It is so greatly needed.


With Much Love and Gratitude for You and Jennifer

Jennifer- Hollywood , FL

I have known RJ for almost two years. I have done some meditation work with him, and some emotional healing.  I was at a critically "BAD" point in my life and scheduled a remote Healing Session, with him. Never having experienced a physical healing session with him, never mind a REMOTE session, I had NO idea what to expect. If I couldn't see or hear him, how would I know he was there?  SILLY ME! I already

know that RJ knows me better than I know myself. and I believe he can do anything,,and I was in such bad pain!  So I did as instructed.,..laid down 15 minutes before appointment time.got comfortable, started work

on my breathing, and tried to meditate....I FELT HIM ARRIVE....I FELT HIM WORKING...AND EVENTUALLY I FELT HIM LEAVE!  I remained in still meditation mode and called Jennifer about fifteen minutes later so she could read me his notes on what he did.  Suffice to say I was pain free and three days of blockage cleared before I went to bed.   RJ let me live a miracle!  Thank you RJ,   Thank you too Jennifer

CH- San Diego , CA

Rj’s teachings and wisdom have allowed me to focus on my true identity and discover my own inner peace. Rj guided me through a difficult time in my life where I am in school in the process of becoming a healer. He led me to focus on the most important aspects of being a healer; my true self and my intention. Working with Rj has opened my eyes to a new way of living with no judgement, identities, or belief systems that has completely freed up my mind. He taught me multiple mantras to help get me back to my true self when beliefs, past experiences, and identities try to get in the way that I will use for the rest of my lifetime. I am now able to effortlessly live in the present and not dwell on the past or worry about the future. No words can truly describe the positive impact he has had on my life. Rj is a true master and I am forever grateful that I took this opportunity to work with him individually and take his Learn to Become a Healer course.

Dr Gilly- San Diego, CA

RJ met me exactly where I am in my life journey During my Face Time spiritual counseling session he showed me how to stay in my heart and be in the present. He reinforced in my heart what I already knew in my head, that my happiness and peace do not depend on what another person does, thinks or says. In my healing session, I experienced a gentle energy wave moving in my body along with peace and laughter. Since my session, I have continued to feel more peace, a greater desire to meditate, and a smoother running digestive system. I also notice I am smiling lovingly at everyone more often and acting spontaneously in ways that put our home in better order.
I shared my experience with Glenn, my husband, and he asked why he couldn’t have a session too. I told him that was a great idea. I sat in on his session with RJ, also on Face Time. Glenn looked into RJ’s eyes, totally trusting him, and began asking questions about how the universe began, why we are here, and about God. RJ answered all of his questions. I could feel Glenn growing in confidence and in appreciation for himself, and his place in the world. He felt totally understood, probably for the first time ever. As I was witnessing this, my entire body filled with overwhelming gratitude. I loved that RJ could see how wonderful Glenn is and that he could help Glenn to see himself. Glenn has a greater understanding now of who he is and what he can be. Glenn is 86 years old and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s five years ago. He wants to let people know that his life is not over. He still has plenty to share."

Joan & Glenn - Oceanside, CA

Hello RJ! I wanted to thank you for your profound articles you write. I am humbled and inspired by what you offering to us all. I am really hoping to work with sometime soon. I have never read anything ever which is so clear and inspiring"

Craig- South Africa

I have successfully treated over thirty thousand patients during my now twenty-seven year career in Eastern medicine. I have never seen this degree of transformation, let alone in such a short time. While I regularly witness dramatic improvements in my patients, if I didn't witness RJ's healing myself, I would have considered it impossible. Over my lifetime, I have interacted with shamans, yogis, qi gong masters, mediums, and healers. RJ is unlike any Being I have ever met and his perspective and abilities extend far, far beyond. Because of the nature of his Being, he has access to very high frequency energy. This "intelligent energy" as he calls it is unlike any qi I have ever encountered. He embodies a consciousness that transcends knowledge. This is why he chooses to serve humanity as a spiritual teacher. He is here to uplift and support the expansion of consciousness. There is literally no one like him."

Adrian Bean, MSTOM, L.Ac - Owner- Pacific Center of Health, San Diego, CA

"The “Master” class can be simply described as “outstanding”. Each session was so interesting, captivating, and informative that the time of each session and the 7 weeks passed by in what felt like seconds! There are no words that can accurately describe the depth and scope of what RJ shared and taught me. I came out of the class fully equipped and ready to confront face to face the last bits of my own ignorance, ego, and identity in a path to my own Self Realization. If you are truly committed to your own development, this class is unlike anything being taught anywhere else and is an absolute must!"

Maurice- San Diego, CA

"My experience with RJ is one that changed my life. Instantly….I will never be able to go back. He healed me. For the last 14 years of my short 24 year old life I have been terribly ill, I have been diagnosed with POTS, anxiety, depression, fibromyalsua, IBS, colitis, CFS, migraines and inappropriate sinus tachycardia. I had 2 colonoscopys by the time I was 18 years old and a endoscopy at 20. At the age of 21 my heart started to really be effected. And I got news that I was very close to heart failure and that I would need a heart transplant because my heart was giving out from pumping so hard everyday. But I wouldn't be eligible for a transplant because my issues would not be fixed by a new heart. I would not be able to have children. And I would die due to my heart failing. Rj then stumbled into my life by no accident and he cured me. I feel amazing. The experience I had with him was like nothing I could begin to explain. I am no longer the same person I no longer have any stress, anxiety, worry, and I am no longer ill. He changed me. He used himself, his true self, to heal me. Most important I AM TRUELY HAPPY. I will forever work with rj. He changed my life. In an hour. Yes. I said an hour. He healed me over night. It will take work to not let myself fall back into old patterns and let myself feel sick again, since that's basically all Ive known, but I will do it and I am healed. I owe my life in a literal sense to rj. He is always and will always be connected to me."

Gianna- Rochester, NY

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. RJ is akin to the modern version of Merlin. Having traveled along the mystic road and having shared the experience of many teachers, it is truly a blessing knowing the teacher of teachers has appeared. His wisdom extends beyond all knowledge. He is the connection to the Absolute that defies any mental comprehension. His loving use of all of his powers, for one heart centered purpose, is to help you bring about the peaceful coexistence within you and all. "The Master Class with Master R is a journey unlike any other. He is a cosmic guide and a mirror into the deepest and most hidden corridors of the soul. Everything I thought I knew was deconstructed and that "undoing" is still unfolding at present as if his energy and wisdom has the inertia of a Super Nova. If true freedom and awakening to the Ultimate is what burns brighter than all else then Master R is the flame. Within that flame all ideas, concepts, and identities will be brought forth and exposed with the power of a thousand suns and only that which has permanence shall remain. The experience is not for the faint of heart or for the spiritual dabbler. Yet, if one is truly committed the result will be pure awareness, direct knowledge, and understanding that brings forth lasting satisfaction and peace. For me, it is the great revelation that I Am that I Am. Forever grateful and with a full heart, I highly recommend taking the Master Class with Master R."

Terry- Boise, ID

"Thank you, R.J., your work is a gift to humanity and is helping the collective on a quantum level because you go directly to the root and make the concepts very simple!"

Kirsten - Los Angeles,CA

"My initial contact with RJ was a healing for my rescue cat. That session enabled me to understand why she was doing what she was doing and gave her much relief. During my second consult about her it became totally apparent I was the one needing help as I was feeling so low & lost it was adding to my cat's issues. I was amazed by the simple technique RJ gave me to start sorting myself out and really look forward to taking my next step with his help. Working with RJ is such a pleasure - it is hard to explain the feeling I get listening to him, it is like so many memories are being triggered and I instinctively know that I already "know" what he is saying. "Nothing is forgotten, only left behind" is a line in a Robbie Robertson song and I can't thank RJ enough for reminding me of that fact and that it's the right time to remember. It is really hard to put into words the joy I feel that there is actually a chance for me to get back on my spiritual path."

Jennifer - Queensland, Australia

I have struggled with alcohol addiction, severe depression, and anxiety for over 20 years.  After countless attempts to “get sober” I found myself in a situation of total despair and confusion.  The traditional methods I returned to repeatedly never seemed to create any lasting freedom within me. Instead, I only swapped one of my neurosis for another.  I likened my problems to the game of whack a mole.  As I expected to see and then saw my problems popping up I would relentlessly fight to push them all down but others would inevitably arise.  This was an exhausting and painful way to live.  I wanted to change but didn’t know how.  I wanted to feel freedom and happiness but became increasingly convinced those feeling states were unattainable as a way of life.  Seeing first hand the emotional and physical healing in my closest friend impelled me to finally meet with RJ.    
I have attended the intro to meditation, consciousness/multiverse workshops, and worked 1 on 1 with RJ in spiritual counseling sessions, and received a energetic healing.  If you are drawn to any of this (or just curious) I implore you to reach out to him.  I did just that and my life has changed in ways I thought impossible.  Simply, RJ has helped me heal at the root.  I began to see clearly for myself the underlying thought patterns and beliefs that have kept me stuck for my entire adult life.  In talking with RJ I saw how deeply I had been living in a state of self-judgment and acting out of reactionary fear.   During and after our sessions I began to feel that I could let go of the cravings of my mind and body and live in a different state…yes, it is possible.  Gently letting go of limiting beliefs has opened me up to thrive as my true self.  As I type this and reflect I smile.  I feel a new sense of peace and I smile because I didn’t think that kind of thing was available to a person with such a sordid past.  But it is because that’s my new reality.  Thank you RJ.”

Nate- San Diego, CA

“I first became aware of RJ’s healing work when my acupuncturist told me about his incredible recovery from a supposed permanent condition of paralysis. I have struggled with a crystal meth addiction, as well as severe depression and anxiety throughout my adult life, so this was very intriguing to me.  
Through desperation, I was open-minded enough to give acupuncture a try (as suggested by my therapist). Despite my skepticism of Eastern medicine, I experienced immediate and drastic results from the treatment. My acupuncturist recommended that I meet with RJ, and despite my skepticism and disbelief of RJ’s abilities, I decided to give it a try. The first time RJ and I met, I shared some of my deepest, darkest secrets with him to give him some background on my struggles. He showed me compassion and held no judgement towards me. 
During our second session, RJ performed a healing on me that transformed my skepticism and disbelief into complete faith and trust in his healing abilities. With RJ, I was able to sink into a deeper meditation, by far, than any other meditation I had done in the past. While totally conscious and aware of the healing taking place, my mind and body were more still than I’d ever imagined was possible. I felt intense waves of energy flowing through my entire body. I began to notice the dissipation of muscle tension I never realized I had. My body felt as light as a feather. RJ touched my arm at the end to signify that he was finished, and I felt a more intense wave of energy enter my arm where he touched me and flow through my body. 
As I came back into my regular consciousness, I was overwhelmed with peace and joy far greater than anything I thought was humanly possible. The healing energy gave me a euphoric sensation throughout my body that was 1,000 times greater than any high I’ve experienced from crystal meth or ecstasy. 
I highly recommend RJ’s healing work, particularly for anyone who’s suffered from the hopeless state of mind and body that drug addiction brings. I have spent my entire life trying to fill a void inside of me with pleasurable things that ultimately turn on me, leaving me feeling empty and completely unaware of my true purpose in life. Through this healing experience, I’ve gained a fresh, new perspective.  I’ve become aware of the peace, joy and love that exists within me eternally. I never have to reach for another drug in an effort to feel whole, because I’m already whole“.

Paul-San Diego, CA

"I was referred to RJ by a close family member who had found healing (via RJ) for a long standing disorder. I had just recovered from two spontaneous subdural hematoma surgeries within two weeks of each other. I wanted to know what had caused them, since I still held fear that it might happen again. Not only was RJ able to help me understand that I had overwhelmed the nerves in my brain, but I had been literally been living in my head. I'd forgotten my true self. I'd been so connected to expectations, needs and outward focus that I had sabotaged my health. 
Even though I had meditated for decades and practiced Buddhism for many years with a clear understanding of my ability to disconnect from suffering, I didn't really apply that understanding when major change occurred at this later stage in my life. The sessions with RJ offered clarity of my true self and its nature. 
RJ healed diagnosed deterioration in both of my knees and within a short time I was hiking again.  He guided me through a connection to self that allows me to work on my own healing and to observe my existence without need, expectation or suffering. 
I have the honor of working in a healing industry and I have passed so much of what RJ has taught me to many of my clients."

Debra- Murrietta, CA

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”….From the moment of meeting RJ, it was known that he was the one. As spoken from my own direct experience, this was a unique journey tailored to my own soul’s experience and expansion waking me up to the only real truth and understanding how to achieve total peace and joy. Never before has it been understood or experienced such peace in the heart and it continues on as the surrendering continues. There is no need for any other teachers, RJ is here to shine the light onto your soul and light the way to freedom. This soul is so grateful for the teachings and the unconditional love that was received during this transformational process that continues to unfold. Thank you RJ for all your love and guidance! My wish is for every soul to experience these teachings with RJ to find the love and inner peace to light their way to freedom.Love and Blessings!"

Serefina - Boulder, CO

"The Maestro Class RJ shares has made a tremendous difference in my life .His seemingly endless wisdom guided me through my own fears, my created identity, my beliefs, and my expectations, allowing me to really 'see' my true self and how I experience and create my world. RJ’s helped me to dramatically reduce what was an ever-present judgement I held over myself, others and the state of the world, which was such a toxic way to live. I have way more peace in my life, much better health and move through my life in a way I didn’t know was possible. I don't get caught up in things anymore—or when I do, I can recognize it and stop myself from running down the rabbit hole of thoughts and feelings. I didn’t really know what I was signing up for when I enrolled in the Maestro class, but I did know what a life changing experience my work with RJ had already brought me through individual sessions and then the Virtuoso class. I am so glad I took the next step in my learning and self realization with RJ – he is a true Master. RJ helped me directly experience the immortal me. There are no books, articles or courses like this. I am forever transformed and feel truly free. His wisdom and abilities are so profound, and the positive change his guidance has provided me so dramatic that nothing I can write would come close to the impact RJ and this course has had on me".

Susan- San Diego, CA

"This entity who is named Gene has spent the last few years studying under a few different teachers...most all taught how to go outside of yourself...experiencing the 5 senses...and yet there was something missing.  This was up until the meeting of RJ! His energy connecting directly with this entities heart told me this was the teacher and there wasn't anything else needed from any others.  Signing up for his Master Class was a given and from there, couldn't wait to start.  It was quickly learned how to work from within and all knowing comes from within oneself...all questions this entity has ever had have been answered and life in this vehicle has forever been changed!  Without going deeper into the details of the Master Class, what can be offered, is to look into working with Master R yourself...this too could possibly be the last teacher you'd need in this lifetime"!"

Gene- Kauai, HI

“My experience with the intro to meditation was amazing, I had never been guided so seamlessly to the true nature of my consciousness. RJ explains things in a way that makes complex items easy to grasp, yet lose no integrity. During the meditation I lost sense of my physical body and felt a shift in my energy and ability to focus without effort. Would highly recommend any one who is interested in understanding themselves as well as understanding the universe better. Come and experience this amazing class! So much fun!”

Sam- San Diego, CA

“In January I was diagnosed with tongue cancer and the prognosis from my Dr. was the furthest thing from encouraging. My partner at the time, who has her Doctorate in Acupuncture and has been practicing for years, advised me to meet with RJ. Upon arriving, RJ, with uncanny accuracy was able to tell me exactly what the cancer looked like and where it had originated from without knowing my medical history or seeing any scans.RJ performed a healing on me and afterwards said, "I need you to come see me 5 more times over the next two weeks. By then, the cancer will be shrunk down enough so that it can be removed." He advised I see a specific health practitioner as well and I continued to see another healer I was already working with. Eventually, I went to my Dr. in March and he said the mass had shrunk and he did not know how that could be. In June, I finished 35 radiation treatments, 10 vitamin C, B17 high doses and 40 hyperbaric sessions My Dr. then told me he couldn't see any mass in one location and an empty cavity where the other mass was previously located. I cant thank RJ enough. His healing ability speaks for itself. I sincerely hope my experience with RJ helps others".

Dan- Big Bear, CA

Working with RJ has been an experience that is hard to put into words. I came to RJ for stress and anxiety management with very little expectations. I have to say within a few sessions I was blown away how he had me thinking in a completely different way. Not only have I been able to better manage the issues I was having, it has opened my mind to a completely different way of thinking and approaching life. If you have an open mind and let RJ do his thing, you will discover a more balanced, focused and happier way to live.

Alex, San Francisco, CA

"For the past 10 years I went from Doctor to Doctor trying to figure out various symptoms of muscle pain, fatigue, joint pain, migraines, insomnia, auto immune disorders etc. I was told to try anxiety medications and depression meds. I was not taken seriously. After years of frustration I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and co-infections. For the past 26 months I underwent a vigorous treatment plan which included antibiotics and herbal tinctures. I tried everything from Yoga, accupuncture, healthy eating, infared saunas, ionized foot baths, detoxes etc. I was getting better but I knew that there was one piece missing before I could get a clear diagnosis. It was meditation. I meditated over the years but nothing compared to what RJ taught me to do. I made it a daily practice and it helps clear my “monkey brain”. I was advised by RJ that in order to heal I had to leave belief systems behind that were keeping me sick. Rj helped me find my “true essence”of my self. He did remote healings for me since I was out of state. He was able to help me find out what was contributing to my insomnia and guide me in the right direction to get these things corrected. Once I was sleeping and thinking more clearly I was able to see that I had the power to heal myself all along. All I needed was an incredible facilitator, RJ to give me the assistance I needed to be well again. Thank you RJ for changing my life forever and for helping me get my health back. What you do, you can’t put a price tag on. I highly recommend RJ if you want your health back, need help finding peace within or assistance on your souls journey. Gratefully."

Kristy- Denver, CO

"I know I am a divine being, where I come from realms of unimaginable power and light.  With RJ’s Advanced Meditation Multiverse Course (two parts), we as a small group returned to those divine realms. With our courage and commitment to explore consciousness, removing impossible obstacles, spirit lifted me up to re-engineer my emotional and spiritual values. This did not require talking or listening to others’ belief systems. By exploring this course I now understand by reducing my thoughts and observing how I feel through meditation, I landed on a high frequency realm of the universe using my power, light and wisdom. 
RJ took us on a tour to the multiverse, and we each brought back a small piece of the big picture, where we contributed to building the new paradigm, building the human spirit.  And that after all, is what it’s all about. RJ has a skill for breaking down communication to distill vital information made simple. The realm of consciousness, is the reality of the universe. I gained more imagination and creativity, which our world needs more that ever. It is called the magic. The universe lives in us. There is no separation.  Let him guide you. Working with RJ has been my pathway towards peace and health, for he is a conduit for bright higher frequencies. His lessons with mediation are simple and very direct, which provide an impact for my daily understanding of life. I have much more love, power, and wisdom for my family and everybody. 
I am so grateful to have met, and to be healing with him, a true blessing

Cathe- Point Loma, CA

I have had numerous back surgeries, including a spinal fusion, and suffer from extreme pain and anxiety. Over the last decade I have developed a dependency on prescription narcotics to handle the immense pain and trauma I have endured. 
My acupuncturist recommended I go to a lecture RJ was giving on the Mind. After the class, I began working with RJ weekly to help with my pain and anxiety. RJ has taught me how to quiet my mind, to understand myself better and to move through life in a much more peaceful and healthy way. After working a few weeks together, he performed a Healing on my that was the most profound experience I have ever felt. The intense waves of energy running through my body was beyond words. My consciousness was altered as well from the powerful energy RJ was channeling. I was somewhere between sleep and awake while he worked on me. I was floored. I have never experienced anything like it. I no longer take any narcotics for my pain or anxiety. I have my self back. Thank you so much, RJ.

Susan - North Park,CA 

“My first experience working with RJ was through his introductory meditation class. I have practiced various forms of meditation over the past 17 years including zazen, vipassana and Shambhala Buddhist meditation practices. The experience I had in twenty minutes of meditating with RJ was more profound than my experiences with these other practices, during week-long and month-long meditation retreats. 
During the meditation class, I could feel the shifts of energy RJ created in the room which pushed me to let go of old thoughts, beliefs and tension patterns that I was not able to maintain amidst the higher frequencies. Initially this created a deep sense of terror, as I was afraid to let go. However, RJ instructed us to reach out energetically and “hold” his hand if we were experiencing difficulties. This guidance helped me to get through the waves of anxiety, and to find relief, as I continued to meditate through the stuck places. 
After the profound shift I had in the meditation class, I met with RJ for three individual sessions, one of which included a hands-on healing. In the past ten years I have extensively studied and received various forms of energy work and bodywork and also participated in several ayahuasca ceremonies. My experiences with RJ helped me to release patterns of tension and disconnection I have held in my body for decades. I have never been able to access and release the root of these imbalances until I worked with RJ. 
During talking sessions with RJ, he is able to present information using very accessible language that allowed me to benefit from his extensive knowledge and experiences exploring the “multiverse” while also deepening my own understanding of consciousness. As we talk, RJ simultaneously shifts the frequency in the room, allowing me to access parts of myself that are stuck or that need to be released or realigned so that I can more easily access my higher self. 
RJ also provides check-ins and on-going support via text messages in order to provide encouragement and to help me to maintain my connection to my higher self. 
After individual sessions and meditation classes with RJ, I feel a deep sense of ease, joy and gratitude for my life. This is also accompanied by a great sense of connection to everyone and everything.”

Biz- Maui, HI

“RJ has a lot of positive messages that I feel we don’t hear enough of in this world. I have enjoyed all of the sessions I have had with him. I have walked away from all those sessions feeling more peaceful, centered, and closer to my true self. For that I am truly grateful.” -

Michelle- San Diego, CA

“My journey to self awareness has just recently began. I am extremely grateful to be working one on one with Master R during this time. Prior to working with RJ, I had always been drawn to crystals and what they were about. I've had a strong desire to learn about how they can heal and protect us. When I became aware I could have RJ charge a crystal of my own, I could hardly wait for it to arrive in the mail. From the moment I received my crystal necklace, I immediately felt how powerful it is. It instantly had a calming effect over my soul and I felt so at peace. I could not stop smiling the entire day. For me, the crystal is a constant reminder to stay in my heart. I feel joy and love all around me. After wearing the crystal necklace now for a couple of weeks I realize that it helps with whatever my soul needs from day to day. The crystal gives me comfort in knowing that RJ is always with me. I find myself holding it in my hand and over my heart often throughout the day. I feel protected. When I take it off before bed my soul misses it immediately. Each of us are on our own journey to the real you and by no means should we only rely on the crystal but it is very special piece of Master R that you can carry with you daily to be reminded of whatever it is that you are in need of along with classes with Master R to become our greatest accomplishment here on earth, freedom. Thank you kindly".

Ann- New York

“As someone that has been on a conscious deep spiritual path since I was a child, I could see right away RJ was vibrating at very high levels and it was clear to me he had exceptional healing gifts. 
Uniquely RJ works  multi-dimentially, channeling higher energies to create needed healing. I appreciated that he not only works on the presenting problem or imbalance he also importantly works on causal deeper levels as well. He also can intuit imbalances that clients may not be aware of. RJ has a wonderful gift he is sharing and anyone that is fortunate enough to see him will receive benefit. 
1)  Initially presented RJ I was  having exhaustion, especially afternoons needing daily long naps, for several months. That energy challenge  has been transformed – no more need for afternoon naps & no more afternoon exhaustion. My energy levels are higher and stay even thru out day and night, until bedtime. Plus sleeping better too! 
2) I sense intestinal weakness & damage from diverticulitis improved. 
3) Presented  leg nerve pain & limp for 3 months. Now pain & limp are gone and back to normal 
4)  I had Accident/ hard fall with head trauma. It completely healed in 24 hours with no after effects or pain,  except normal bruising and cuts 
5) After a intense brain session I experienced a definite expansion, again difficult to put in words, but experienced,  as well as Improved memory and mental clarity and balance restored.   
DURING HEALING SESSION : I Experienced periodic electrical charges at cellular level thru out the actual healing session. Occasionally it felt like I was being powerfully tasered,  except without pain or discomfort. 
I was aware of the multidimensional levels that were being  treated as well as subtle levels which are hard to describe in mere words. 
I always left session with a deepened spacious experience. 
After 3 sessions I felt all my presenting problems were removed and now I feel back to being centered with a pervasive inner peace and grounded with much more energy and feelings of a deeper pervasive expansion on inner levels.”

Dyanne- La Jolla, CA

“R.J is an incredible soul with a deep passion for helping others achieve their highest self. He has not only helped me learn the practice of meditation, but also tap into parts of myself that need healing, nurturing, and reflection. For those looking to begin meditation, strengthen their practice, or heal their physical and emotional self, I highly encourage you to look to R.J for help. His services are powerful and one of a kind!”

Krista- San Diego, CA

"The multiverse exploration course set (multiverse safari) is an incredibly unique experience. In many ways, words cannot do it proper justice. This course brought me to a level of awareness I hadn’t thought capable. It demonstrated to me, how unique and small the experience we are having is, thus putting everything in perspective. I found myself absent of fear, doubt, and worry, and full of genuineness, calmness, and peace, whilst equally invigorated. This course taught me a unique way to meditate and reach a higher level of consciousness on my own or even in a crowded room. From my experience it has had a profound impact. I highly recommend this meditation to anyone who has had experience meditating previously and wishes to explore outside of themselves deeper. The journey awaits."

Sam- San Diego, CA Multiverse Course 1 & 2 completed

“RJ is the most fascinating person. His own healing journey is as inspiring as they come and the clearest example of what humans are capable of if we would only believe it. RJ is gifted at verbalizing and helping you to understand these principles for yourself. I auspiciously had my first appointment with RJ the day I was let go from a 26 year old job. His guidance helped me to understand how to relax into the situation and let it flow with ease. Although those words sound easy we all know it’s not always easy to walk the talk. RJ’s words were so clear and the understanding so deep that it became clear there was no other way. I never wrote a resume, I never answered an ad and a job was drawn toward me easily in a few weeks. Not any job but a job I had visualized a few years prior. He has since facilitated me to calm my overactive brain activity that was causing pressure in my head and was simply unnecessary and unhealthy. I feel like I have space in my life now and am not on overdrive. He also cleared the traumatic memories from my sweet, rescued dog who was distrustful of the world. It is so rewarding to see him more relaxed, happy, social and at ease in the world. I am honored to have the opportunity to know RJ and feel blessed to receive his healing energies.”

Toni- San Diego, CA

“I am a 48-year- old women who has recovered from challenging situations such as addiction and childhood trauma. I have been suffering with “chronic” mental and physical conditions for many years. I have tried numerous things to fix these issues from medication to therapy; however, I still felt a block to the inner peace I was searching for. I wanted to connect with sunlight and spirit, but I did not know how. I was referred to R.J. by another health practitioner and the very moment I was in his space, I felt light and in harmony. I attended a meditation group with R.J. and for me, it has been life changing. I was able to descend into an experience unlike any before. Not only was I able to sit in silent meditation, but was able to communicate with my inner self and my body for the first time in my life. I reached out to R.J. for a spiritual session and realized that this person would be a conduit for the change I had been hoping for. We met again for a healing session and it altered my state in such a way, it was undeniable. I learned that I and only I can make change or difference in me. No doctor, no pill, and no outside source can heal me. It is a choice for me to make to heal myself from within. I cannot let fear rule over me any longer. I am learning how to disconnect from my pain and feel joy. I am able to practice my own meditation. I am able to set positive intent for my self daily. Do I completely understand how this can happen? No. Do I trust it is possible now? Yes! If you are reading this passage, then you are searching as I was. The journey is worth it. The trust I have for this process is complete. I feel a new freedom.”

Mecah - San Diego, CA

“The personal Healing Course that I took with RJ was just outstanding! During the course of a few weeks, he taught me how to invoke energy, how to feel it and move it through myself, and how to transfer it to the person you are working with (patient/client). In addition, he taught me about the agreement between healer and the person you are working with, about the role of the healer in the healing process, about face-to-face and remote healings, about how to control the amount of energy, and much more. He emphasized that a good healer is a healer that can heal him/her-self. Although I started practicing on healing myself and some of my family members, now I have moved on to healing friends and relatives remotely. The results have been nothing short of unbelievable. An example: I worked with an individual who had suffered with life-time chronic constipation and who had tried everything possible from doctors to drugs to alternative medicine with no real success. After the first healing, this individual reported that she is now able to have bowel movements daily (one day even twice), where it was unheard of even being able to go two days in a row! If healing is something that attracts you, I highly recommend that you contact RJ immediately. His advanced knowledge, experience and understanding of the subject matter is unparalleled.”

MAO- Carmel Valley, CA Healer Course

"It is said "when the student is ready, the teacher will come." RJ allowed me to finally put all the puzzle pieces of my life together, finishing a 73 year old task. 
For me, the pieces were found working with a psychiatrist, several mediums, a psychologist, a chiropractor and close friends. Only RJ's work with me resulted in my realizing how far I had come in this lifetime. RJ was the final key. 
My mind would not stop talking I asked my Acupuncturist if he knew someone who taught meditation. I attended RJ's intro to meditation class and worked with him privately where RJ expanded my control over my mind chatter with his guidance and emotional support. 
I have committed to meditating one hour a day, and I am doing it. I reach out for RJ's hand when it gets difficult. He offers it to his students and it's always there! I have a new sense of peace, of freedom and of confidence. I am infinite. I am enough. I am loved. I love what the puzzle picture reveals! THANK YOU RJ! Come experience RJ... you will be renewed!"

Carole- San Diego, CA

“The Consciousness and Multiverse Exploration Course opened a new level of meditation and consciousness understanding for me. It unlocked the way to travel through the different universes (frequencies and dimensions) on the path to the Absolute (God). By opening my heart, opening my mind, and letting go, I had a once in a life time changing experience. This was really my first big leap in my path toward self-realization. If you are serious about meditation, this course is a must for the advancement of anyone’s practice.”

Maurice- San Diego, CA

During mediation with RJ, he often tells the group to reach out and take his hand if they need it- it will be there. I didn’t actually believe him- until I needed his hand. Now I reach out for RJ all the time and he’s always there for me. When I spend time with RJ, I find that I am able to experience myself in ways that I’ve never even considered possible. There’s an untying of self imposed constraints, a witnessing of the truth, a real knowing of self. My experiences stay with me even when I’m not sitting with RJ and I watch as relationships ease and opportunities abound. Thoughts no longer have the power to fuel anxiety as I become aware of the path to my own freedom”

Jaime - San Diego, CA

“Meeting RJ has been a life-changing experience for me. I have learned to quiet my mind and open my heart. The result has left me in a more consistent state of feeling greater love and compassion for myself and for others, all while my sense of oneness keeps expanding.”

Lauren -San Diego, CA

“The Advanced Meditation Courses were like “The Magic School Bus” goes on a cosmic exploration. The classes gave me an opportunity to  explore the far reaches of the multiverse and the innermost depths of my own psyche. I was given a chance to experience profound healing, empowerment and gratitude for my life. The explorations of the higher frequency destinations also gave me the opportunity to release and transform a lot of psychic and energetic patterns that no longer serve me while allowing me to understand that my physical body is merely a vehicle for my spirit to experience life on this planet. Now that I have taken these courses I have the tools to continue these explorations on my own, in order to deepen my understanding of consciousness and my  relationship with source energy”.

Elizabeth - San Diego, CA – Advanced Multiverse Course 1 & 2 completed

“My experience with Rj has been nothing short of amazing and beneficial to me. I have attended his intro to meditation course, both of the “Consciousness & multiverse” classes and have had 2 healing sessions with him. If you are in pain and need some relief for either yourself or your pet this should be on the top of your list. I experienced a great deal of relief from my healing session. I carry a lot of stress in my body and have had 2 back surgeries. This benefited me more than any medication can. It gives you a general feeling of painlessness and comfort. I was actually able to feel healing energy all around me. It was so wonderful and beautiful! I also had a healing session with my dog Roxy. She has been battling cancer for 3 1/2 years and I am now unable to continue chemotherapy on her. After the session with Rj she has improved and I believe her life is going to be extended because of it. Rj has a way of showing you better perspectives on life. He has helped me to cope with many challenges I have faced lately. Meditating and getting out of your head should be part of everybody’s daily routine. I had a hard time with it initially but the more I do it the easier it becomes. I am so thankful to have met RJ and his wife. 2 spectacular human beings!”

Janan - San Diego, CA

“I met RJ as I wanted to explore advanced meditation. Additionally, I was going through mysterious health issues for which I am being seen by numerous doctors at Stanford Medical. Discussing theories for healthy thinking and living have changed my outlook and allowed me to take control of my health and mental state like never before. Talking to RJ through his counseling sessions, as well as receiving healings and attending group meditations, have changed my life. It is clear to me he has a direct channel to source. As a tech executive in Silicon Valley, data and analytics is what we thrive on yet I have learned from RJ that this is not what life is about. RJ is warm and insightful. He has helped me move along my life trajectory in a more present way.”

Kris- San Diego, CA


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