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Life Changing Experiences

Ascend The Frequencies testimonials

Exhaustion, Diverticulitis, Nerve Pain, Limp, Head Trauma

“As someone that has been on a conscious deep spiritual path since I was a child, I could see right away RJ was vibrating at very high levels and it was clear to me he had exceptional healing gifts. Uniquely RJ works  multi-dimentially, channeling higher energies to create needed healing. I appreciated that he not only works on 

Ascend The Frequencies testimonials

Lyme Disease, Stress, Hyperthyroidism, Insomnia, Anxiety

"For the past 10 years I went from Doctor to Doctor trying to figure out various symptoms of muscle pain, fatigue, joint pain, migraines, insomnia, auto immune disorders etc. I was told to try anxiety medications and depression meds. I was not taken seriously. After years of frustration I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and 

Ascend The Frequencies testimonials

Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Actualization

I have struggled with alcohol addiction, severe depression, and anxiety for over 20 years.  After countless attempts to “get sober” I found myself in a situation of total despair and confusion.  The traditional methods I returned to repeatedly never seemed to create any lasting freedom within me. Instead, I only swapped one of 

Ascend The Frequencies testimonials

Explore Advanced Meditation For Mysterious Health Issues

“I met RJ as I wanted to explore advanced meditation. Additionally, I was going through mysterious health issues for which I am being seen by numerous doctors at Stanford Medical. Discussing theories for healthy thinking and living have changed my outlook and allowed me to take control of my health and mental 

Ascend The Frequencies testimonials

Nothing Short of Amazing and Beneficial to Me

“My experience with Rj has been nothing short of amazing and beneficial to me. I have attended his intro to meditation course, both of the “Consciousness & multiverse” classes and have had 2 healing sessions with him. If you are in pain and need some relief for either yourself or your pet this should be on the top of