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Supercharged Self Healing Book

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Supercharged Self-Healing Book

Now in it's 8th printing!


Coming August 2024

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By Adrian Bean, MSOTM, L.Ac

I first treated RJ at perhaps his lowest point. He was paralyzed from the chest down, and his surgeon told him to get used to it because he’d never seen a patient recover. He had rampant diabetes and severe thyroid dysfunction as well. In addition to invading the spine, the lethal infection had completely overwhelmed his immune system, causing a severe autoimmune response. I am an acupuncturist and have treated over seventy-five-thousand patients in my twenty-five years as a clinician. As I assessed RJ, his status was beyond grim: the crushed spine had caused the complete chest-down paralysis, the inflamed pancreas, the retracted heart, the enlarged and nodular thyroid. Multiple systems were overrun and essentially broken.

I was utterly astounded by another specific feature. Early during the first session, as I worked with his brain and spinal cord to help restore flow through the damaged region, I had my hand on the crown of his head. After decades of practice and experience, I can differentiate various qualities of the brain and nerves. As I felt his head, expecting to feel his brain, I encountered a vast empty space. It was absolutely vacant and silent. Of the tens of thousands patients I have treated during my long career as a health practitioner, I have never encountered this quality. The only way I can describe it is authentic enlightenment.

Available on kindle, audiobook, paperback and now CD!

Supercharged Self-Healing Book

Supercharged Self-Healing

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He exuded full acceptance while all his energy was focused on healing. Within three weeks, he wiggled a toe; within three months, he was walking, exactly as he predicted. His recovery was not at all linear: it was rapid with multiple quantum leaps. Not only was the permanent chest-down paralysis healed, his diabetes and thyroid dysfunction were also resolved. I have never seen this degree of transformation, let alone in such a short time. While I regularly witness dramatic improvements in my patients, if I didn’t witness this myself, I would consider it humanly impossible.

This illustrates part of his profound and almost unexplainable skill set: healing.


RJ is operating on an entirely different level. He has fully emptied himself. He doesn’t think. He simply knows. Because of the nature of his Being, he has access to very high-frequency energy. This “intelligent energy,” as he calls it, is unlike any qi I have encountered. Over my lifetime, I have interacted with shamans, yogis, qi gong masters, mediums, and healers. RJ is unlike any Being I have ever met, and his wisdom, perspective and abilities extend far, far beyond anything I have ever experienced or thought possible.


— Adrian Bean, MSTOM, L.Acm; owner, Pacific Center of Health, San Diego, CA; award-winning acupuncturist and State of California Acupuncture Board member who co-creates and grades the California Acupuncture State Licensing Exam; certified in numerous modalities, including visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, and neural manipulation

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