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Maurice Correa - Energy Healer, Intuitive, Coach

From RJ- I am very excited and honored to share with you that my dear friend and former student, Maurice, will be joining us for our Supercharged Self-Healing Live Course!


A few years ago, I spent several months with Maurice, in person, sharing and teaching him the enlightened metaphysics of energy healing. Since then, Maurice has become a powerful and highly skilled healer.
He has successfully helped people heal from rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, cervical cancer, depression, chronic and severe pain, digestive issues, kidney cancer, various shoulder/spine and knee injuries, and mental illness, just to name a few.

He is the only person I ever recommend to those who come to me in need of a healer.


Maurice is also an authentic, living martial arts master.  He is an 8th degree black belt in both Taekwondo and Hapkido. He has toured the world giving demonstrations of his absolute mastery of both disciplines. He is also far too humble to even mention his astonishing accolades on his website. That’s tells you everything you need to know about my friend Maurice.


I am thrilled that he will be performing powerful healings on everyone who enrolls. He will also be doing a live lecture on healing and will answer your questions as well.  


All of us, and myself especially, are so excited he will be lending his enormous talents, skill, wisdom, and love to our event. Welcome Maurice!

About Maurice

I always thought that my job as an engineer and then owner of a software company, although rewarding in some aspects, was not completely fulfilling for me. In my opinion, I always considered that health care, teaching, and other jobs serving people were more fulfilling because they made a greater impact individually, as a community, and as a whole (society).

In 2012, I went through a very difficult health period, which re-awakened me, forcing me to open my eyes, re-evaluate my priorities in life, make the appropriate changes needed, and go back to my roots. You see, I had my first awakening experience when I was a teenager and was exposed to Martial Arts, which I have been involved with for over 50 years (practiced for 35 years) and where I had my first experiences in healing and meditation. But then, life got busy with work, family, and the pursuit of a professional career as society suggests.


In 2016, I was trained personally by RJ Spina in the art of energy healing in 2016 have followed him since. That same year I quit my professional life and dedicated my entire life to my own spiritual development and to the art of teaching and energy healing. My day is comprised of serving others through healing and education and of my own personal development (spiritual).


What I do, I do with much love...and to make a difference in my own life, the life of others, and humanity as a whole.

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