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What Are The Four Stages Of Self-Realization?

There are a few major interpretations for self-realization. It is commonly described as the unleashing of one's complete capability. If you're struggling to make ends meet or worried about how to stay employed to feed your kids, you won't be able to reach self-realization. Unfortunately, many folks are in this situation, leaving them with little time to fully use their gifts. Nonetheless, remember that self-realization is more of a gradual process than a single major event. Continue reading to learn about the four stages of self-realization.

Awakening And Exploration

People walk away from psychological blindness and toward increasing self-awareness through the awakening stage. This may be a trying time as we examine our ideas, behaviors, and methods of engaging with the world.

Following the impact of increased self-awareness, we are pushed by a thirst for knowledge about ourselves, which leads to the self-exploration voyage. Curiosity and discontentment combine to foster self-exploration and we want to discover our true calling in life. To find answers, we can read books, attend courses, or take on personality quizzes to obtain awareness and insight into ourselves.

Discovery And Understanding

We finally encounter self-discovery when we begin dabbling in the field of consciousness. When we look into the causes behind why things happen the way they do with ourselves, we call it self-discovery. Self-discovery may appear to be a daunting matter, but it's simply a process of assessing your life, identifying what's lacking, and taking actions toward contentment.

Next, understanding is the culmination of a process that includes awakening, exploring, and discovering. People who have progressed to this level have a deep and multi-layered grasp of the roots and causes of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This chapter, if well taken care of, can unveil our soul's real essence.

Love And Transformation

It's very tough to achieve self-love without understanding since we have no idea why we behave or react the way we do. When we learn to appreciate, we stop shaming and begin to nurture ourselves, resulting in increased consciousness, confidence, and forgiveness.

Think of it as a burial and reincarnation process as we undergo self-transformation. It's alright to feel unsettled at first. But, in the end, whatever metamorphosis we go through is empowering. To look at it another way, we become more soul-centered rather than ego-centered, and we feel more at ease in our flesh.

Mastery And Self-Realization

Mastery is about receiving the benefits of a secure ego. Our internal and external worlds are harmonized when we achieve self-mastery, and we become in full control of our everyday lives. You can expect to feel wise, peaceful, insightful, sympathetic, and most importantly, at complete ease with yourself.

Finally, self-realization comes when we see ourselves as being the same with the almighty, rather than associating with the constrained ego. You will be rid of pain, sorrow, and all forms of dissociation at this last stage. What's left is a pure brilliance of being, a profound unity with life, an awareness of never-ending joy, compassion, comprehension, and receptivity to creation.

Self-realization is a process that might take several years, decades, or, even a lifetime to accomplish. However, it is a precious and honorable journey that is well worthy of your attention, earnestness, and commitment. At the end of the day when you reach the road of truth, peace, and sovereignty, it would be a feeling you will never forget.


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