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The Fight For The 2020 Election Is Really The Battle Over A Timeline

The war over timelines are often brutally tumultuous and always deeply insidious. The de facto battleground in these epic wars is always the global consciousness. The omnipresent psychological and emotional manipulation of the masses - cloaked by the veneer of progress and justice for the greater good - is the true venom.

There are four separate and distinct timelines currently being fought over with some intermingling occurring. Because our tangible understanding of the measurable and cyclical nature of consciousness itself has been hidden and replaced with a linear and logical human exterior interpretation - time - we tend to think we always have some to spare. Wildly disparate multiple timelines are what the fight over the 2020 presidential election is really about. At the core, it’s a battle over the evolution or de-evolution of both the individual and collective consciousness.  

The entirety of humanity’s lineage is embedded and represented as our genetic code. Every thought, emotion, action, and behavior of every ancestor remains within the physical body, literally. This includes the totality of societal programming and behavioral patterns not to mention the litany of traumatic events littered throughout ancient human history. All of this information runs like a computer program within our genetic code and greatly affects the health and efficacy of our trillions and trillions of cells and our general state of being. This coding profoundly affects our everyday thinking, emoting, and behavior in ways the lower conscious mind is not cognizant of. One quick example of deep programming is the unbridled fanaticism many people exhibit in relation to socially acceptable tribalism - like sports or politics.

By creating, fabricating, highlighting, or manipulating certain stimuli, especially if it’s repeated and conflated with heightened emotionality, a calculable inner genetic/cellular response is triggered. This will lead to specific and anticipated thought, emotion, and behavioral responses. You can think of this as predictive programming because it is. Done on a large scale and with dire consequences to non-compliance with the encouraged behavior, you greatly enhance the potentiality of the outcome. This basic understanding is the foundation used to potentially usher in or even create an alternate timeline.

The antidote to any imposed alternate timeline is too simply observe the bombardment of stimulus and not identify or get caught up in it. This overrides the pre-programmed internal triggering that would typically occur through reacting. By rising above the lower consciousness/reptilian brain reactionary state, our true and deeper nature is quickly revealed…individual free will. The ability to choose our beliefs, thoughts, actions, and behaviors of our own free will is the divine gift and awesome responsibility we all have as creator beings.

Once the non-reactionary state is normalized, another tangible truth about ourselves is revealed. Depth of self-understanding. Our level of individual and collective self-awareness will ultimately dictate our timeline. Collectively, in regards to the cyclical nature of the global consciousness, tangible self-awareness is still in its nascent but ascending stage, so a large swath of humanity is ripe for coaxing into one timeline or another due to their various physical, emotional, or ideological identifications. The magic trick to alter timelines is best achieved first by harvesting the collective's attention.

What we place our attention upon becomes our reality, from moment to moment, always. What we call destiny or prophecy is perpetually co-created from moment-to-moment through the use or misuse of our attention. Destiny has not been written, as the saying goes; it is forever, perpetually, being written. It’s why the epic battle over humanity’s attention is at an all-time high. Our attention has never been so violently, covertly, insidiously, and menacingly manipulated. The battle over which timeline will win is reaching a crescendo and the playing field is our fragmented outward-focused attention.     

Here in the United States, everything and everyone has been purposely politicized. This is an obvious aspect of a specific timeline. Once the suppression of open discussion has been implemented, the only thing that actually suffers is consciousness itself. Without discussion, the forced indoctrination of a specific alternate timeline becomes more likely. If there is no way to voice opposition to a forcibly agreed-upon single reality, then what remains is servitude to that one reality. The counter to this is of course free speech. Both the loss or exercise of free speech, which either promotes the contraction or expansion of consciousness, are aspects of very specific and enormously disparate timelines.

Humanity’s ability to tangibly realize its inherent potential for a far greater quality of inner/outer life for all peoples, peace amongst each other, boundless advancement within all aspects such as humanitarianism, science, technology, spirituality, medicine and the arts can only be experienced within a framework of the rule of law. Without the right to personal safety that ensures all people’s freedom and their inalienable right to pursue their dreams, there can be no evolution of consciousness, only it’s retraction. This is a foundational aspect of a very specific alternate timeline.     

Yet there is another pair of more hidden timelines being fought over. These relate to either the dissemination or continued silence of greater truths about ourselves, the infinite worlds around us, and the life that permeates it. Without these truths, humanity can never truly understand itself or its role within the multiverse. The opportunity to interact and learn from advanced civilizations – including our very own ancient past - and the superior technology and wisdom would forever change our current timeline. Humanity’s graduation into profound metaphysical truths would immediately occur and the global consciousness would leap by an order of magnitude. The open and honest disclosures of our ancient past, non-terrestrial beings, and superior technologies are an aspect of one very specific timeline. Conversely, the complete suppression or near-total suppression of this information is yet another distinct and wildly disparate timeline that severely slows the evolution of human consciousness and its potential for a superior quality of life.       

For context within a linear perspective, exactly one-hundred years ago a supreme yogi and mystic named Sri Yukteswar, who was the guru to Paramhansa Yogananda wrote a book titled The Holy Science. From his profound higher consciousness he explains that it’s consciousness that goes through measurable and verifiable cycles - what we humanly interpret as timelines - in 24,000-year evolutions. These cycles of global consciousness are indeed verifiable. They are a Hindu metric called Yugas and they are broken down into four main components. They are Trata, Satya, Kali, and Dvarpa. All Yugas have additional ascending and descending sub-components, while each is marked by what we call traits such as the age of truth or enlightenment (Satya) all the way to its dualistic counter reflection (Kali) known as the age of darkness or evil. They are consistently represented and tangibly manifested within the vicissitudes of perpetual change as it relates to the global consciousness. Specifically, the rise and fall of great civilizations.

It is my direct understanding that we are currently 326 years into the 1000-year ascension aspect within the Dvarpa Yuga. We have fully come out of the age of darkness, or Kali Yuga, and are experiencing the early ascending split between darkness into light. Our recent expansion of consciousness within our current Yuga directly corresponds to the founding of America, its Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. It’s why America is the crown jewel in this battle. This Yuga or stage of evolving consciousness deals directly with the understanding and harnessing of both outer and inner life force energy and the importance of the individual.   

All Yugas are not without their naturally occurring cyclical evolutionary tensions while additionally being accentuated by what we could label as unnaturally created obstacles. On a deeper level, it’s the inherent dualistic machinations and cyclical rhythms within the nature of consciousness itself that impel aspects of itself to sow great discord in order to see itself - both individually and collectively - decide how it wants to evolve through what timeline it most desires to experience for itself. The true purpose of humanity is to evolve global consciousness through the individual free will experiment.

The fight over the 2020 presidential election is simply the front-facing battle over what timeline humanity most wants to experience via the evolution or de-evolution of both the individual and global consciousness. Stay true to what is tangibly true within you. Be brave and choose wisely. Both individually and collectively we, humanity itself, create the timeline we most desire for ourselves. We are that powerful, always.

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