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What Is Energy Healing? (Part 1)

Energy healing is a powerful yet gentle technique that re-harmonizes the body’s naturally harmonious energy flow. High-frequency energy healing removes deeply imbedded impurities, repairs energetic tears that exist outside physical sensory perceptions and re-organizes what has become disorganized in terms of metaphysics. From our higher consciousness - which is the chemist of our biology and the architect of our form – we descend like an energetic slinky into the lowest frequencies within the physical universe, where our version of earth resides. We can think of these descending frequency bands the soul travels to get here just like the separate frequencies our cell phone, computer, smart tv, satellite radio and MRI device separately share information on and operate within. Our physical senses do not perceive the multitude of frequency bands this information exists within without an electronic interphase to decode them, like our phone or computer, but they obviously exist nonetheless. Everyone’s original blueprint of health is devised prior to their rebirth. The schematics are energetic templates – the true building blocks of factor and form – and they too exist well outside our physical perception. Their misalignment through misidentification are always the root cause of ill health. Nothing originates in the physical world – we are simply viewing everything from that limited lower-frequency perspective the body is attuned to and part of. In fact, the physical sensory realms are the last place imbalances manifest. The disharmonies we experience as ill health and sickness originate elsewhere.

To be continued….

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