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What is Energy Healing? Part 2

Healing Comes In Many Forms Quite often we mistakenly associate healing with physical healing. That is due to our deep misidentification with the physical body. This lack of self-awareness is one of the reasons we do not authentically heal ourselves but rather manage and treat symptoms. All true healing occurs on a much deeper – or more accurately - a higher consciousness level. When we authentically heal ourselves, we become more self-aware. The limitations preventing self-awareness come in many forms. These limitations can be a thought program from accepted medical, scientific or spiritual knowledge or from discordant emotional patterns, unloving repetitive actions or disharmonious and destructive behaviors. All of these challenges arise from a misperception, misunderstanding, and misidentification due to a lack of tangible self-awareness.

Any misperception about our true nature, each other, and the world creates misunderstandings. We then accept these misunderstandings as so-called knowledge or truth. By then misidentifying ourselves with these misunderstandings we lead a life not true to our essence or soul – which is divinity, love, and wisdom. This is how all disharmony actually manifests. Your liberation from misperceptions, misunderstandings, and misidentifications - total healing on every level - is the freedom of authentic self-realization. In other words, to truly know thyself is to tangible experience health, harmony, and balance.

Healing is the Return to What is Original to You What is original to all of us is the harmonious perfection of true divinity.

Because we have tangibly lost touch with this – the direct use of our higher consciousness – we have created misperceptions, misunderstandings, and misidentifications. We have replaced true gnosis with beliefs, concepts, and ideologies.

Because we are only using our limited physical senses and finite intellect - not the timeless wisdom and unconditional love of the soul – we suffer. The toxic trifecta of misperceptions, misunderstandings, and misidentifications is the cause of all suffering. Our pristine body of energy simply cannot handle such imperfection and subsequently the physical body becomes diseased. Humanity has set its own disharmony into motion long ago, well before so-called recorded history, and these misperceptions became imbedded within our genetic lineage.

With the new enlightened metaphysics captured within my book Supercharged Self-healing, we are going to see ourselves achieve victory over the very challenges we have set into motion for ourselves. By applying these teachings with devotion, dedication, and discipline, the limitless Total Self will be revealed as the true remedy for all that ails humanity.

The Evolution Of Energy The term energy healing is a bit of a misnomer because everything is energy. Some energy, through various forms and stages of evolution, has become sentient. Think of sentience as divine intelligence in the form of love and wisdom.. That sentience is what we really are, always. Other aspects of the great field of energy that we call existence is not sentient but has become self-aware, developed limited intelligence or is simply conscious. None of those terms mean the same thing - they simply illustrate delineations within the totality of existence itself. Sentience is self-aware energy that evolves itself through its own conscious creativity.

Authentic energy healing is a metaphysical healing modality whose effectiveness is derived by the sentient level and purity of the practitioner. Meaning, the more sentient and pure the practitioner is, the more powerful the healing can be. Authentic energy healing requires no physical interphase - meaning there is no need for tinctures, drugs, herbs, surgery, injection or crystals. If there is any physical interphase, the healing will be limited to the energies associated with the physical interphase. This means any physical interphases can only serve as a limitation - not an augmentation. Some healers use various interphases as a permission slip to unlock their higher consciousness and power much like a Medium uses tarot cards. When energy healing is performed by someone who has authentically and legitimately healed themselves in every way – such as mentally from concepts, beliefs – including popular spiritual ones - ideologies, expectations, and memories - true clarity, connectivity, and communion has been experienced. Healing emotionally from all identifications with pleasure and pain is a great challenge. Physical healing from imbalances embedded within the physical body such as cancer or disease – or even paralysis – is rarely ever achieved by the healer themselves. A true healer is one that has authentically healed themselves on all levels.

Rarely does a healer ever achieve this clarity and purity for themselves. Those that have – and have skillfully honed their talents – can perform an energy healing powerful beyond measure. What flows through the healer is power itself, but remember it mixes with their body of energy as the channel and then unto you, the recipient. Based upon this understanding, there is literally only a single handful of authentic healers incarnate today working at a level of true clarity and pristine purity. These healers were gifted their abilities eons ago. They have simply reawakened to their own tangible level of self-mastery.

A New View On Energy Healing When we think of energy healing, imagine a high-rise building. Physical sensory perceptions only afford us awareness of what is existing on the bottom floor we live on. We have no idea what is happening on the myriad floors above us because they exist outside of our physical sensory perception. All creation is actually initiated in the higher realms and is projected ‘down’ dimensionally and frequentially.

High-frequency energy healing fixes the damage that has seeped down into the 1st floor - the physical sensory world. Our thoughts and emotions are on the immediate floors above the 1st floor. What we have already set into motion in this life through our choices made, and even not made - believe it or not - reside above our thought/emotion floors. Things we set into motion in what we would call prior and future lives reside on the floors above that. It gets far more elaborate as we unfurl our awareness and access the these higher floors. All of this information, in regards to our form and function, gets translated and eventually appears as our genetics – but it goes much deeper than that. Ancient energy healing modalities like Reiki have been used effectively long before humans began to mentalize health. By believing in the mentalization of health, we created the concept that health lies outside of the Self. Only non-truth exists outside the immortal Self. These misperceptions only serves to disempower and confuse. For a goal to be permanent – like health – it must already be present.

Authentic energy healing simply returns the tangible experience of our naturally harmonious and balanced state of being. Acupuncture - although limited by its use of physical interphases like a needle – works with this exact principle. The proper application and location of an acupuncture needle assists in the healthy flow of energy to an area that is too stagnant or too active. Acupuncture is also limited in that it only addresses the bottom floors of the high-rise and not where disharmony originates. Energy healing when performed powerfully addresses the root cause of imbalance rather than treating symptoms. There is no ‘practicing’ of medicine or the ‘doctoring’ of anyone. Health and the ability to self-heal is already programmed into the original blueprint of the human vehicle. We have simply lowered our consciousness and subsequently lost tangible access to our own higher mind. Conscious communion with our higher mind gives access to what is always tangibly present within –health.

Energy healing works because it utilizes higher frequencies than just the lower frequency bands that comprise the physical world. Energy healing augments the intention of the practitioner to heal because they are using more of their larger energetic self. Authentic energy healers are literally using themselves as a conduit for greater energy to repair and heal you. The more of their own authentic Self they access - and therefore the purer the intention - the more powerful the energy healing is. There is no authentic power in parroting anything.

To be continued…

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