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Why don’t we heal ourselves?

Physical disharmony is simply the tangible experience of our own energetic mis-programming. In essence, we do not heal ourselves because we are not currently working with the requisite level of detachment and clarity. It is the returning to what is original to you - prior to belief, thought, emotion, action, behavior, even prior to the body itself - through the deconstruction of the false self or what I call the ego/mind/identity.

What is original to you is divinity, eternal harmony, total freedom, timelessness, and joy. Now, look at our current state of being. This is why we do not heal ourselves.

Where does sickness and ill health come from?

All disharmony comes from disharmonious thought patterns and all thought is always in context to a belief. We have severely mis-programmed our body of energy through misidentification. Misidentification with beliefs, concepts, the body, so-called knowledge, emotions, etc. This prevents detachment, clarity, and subsequent purification.

What if my illness is simply due to being a victim of poor genetics?

We choose the physical vehicle or body we incarnate into so victimhood is simply a misperception, misunderstanding, and misidentification. Whatever disharmonious energies we are carrying with us in the energetic state determines the vehicle we choose. In other words, we match up our energetic disharmony with a body that best suits and represents our own mis-programming so we can learn what we need to about ourselves. That way, we have the tangible experience of our own disharmony and non-clarity so we can address it.

What is a human being?

From my understanding, a human is actually an entity and not a being. An entity is created by something else, and each of us are a creation from our own Higher Self. That being said, a human being is comprised of four parts. Sentience is what we really are. You can think of sentience as our level or amount of wisdom and love. This sentience is then given a compliment of energy to create with. This is what we use to think, emote, and animate the body. This energy is like gas in the gas tank. What we animate is the temporary vehicle or physical body. The physical body is more like an avatar or biological robot that our sentience uses by manipulating energy when it wants to explore the dense physical universe. The last component of a human is what is formed through the loss of consciousness upon our incarnation into the lower frequencies. This loss of consciousness is what creates the ego or what I call the ego/mind/identity. It’s the character we create because we have lost connection with our essence, our higher mind and therefore what we really are. A human, in the truest sense, is a four-fold entity of sentience, energy, the physical vehicle, and the ego/mind/identity.

Why do you call the ego the EMI, and what is the EMI or ego exactly?

The EMI or ego/mind/identity is created through the loss of consciousnesses or holistic self-awareness we experience upon incarnating into the lower frequencies of the physical universe. It is the self-created personalized totality of misperceptions, misunderstandings, and our misidentifications with them. It is the “I” of illusion that we have given our entire life over to.

The depth and breadth of the EMI is not comprehensible by the intellect. All sensory phenomena, including the receiver of sensory phenomena – the physical body itself - and the misidentification with it and what it produces, like beliefs, concepts, so-called knowledge, thoughts, emotions, sensations, and experiences create the EMI. The EMI is self-created and the singular obstacle that prevents authentic self-realization and the transcendence of ill health. The EMI is not what we actually are, it’s simply what we ‘think’ we are.

Why do you call the EMI a limitation program?

The finite mind or intellect is created through the processing of extremely limited sensory perceived phenomena within our local frequential environment. This incomprehensibly small data stream is what creates the logic and linear-based intellect. The EMI is a product of our low-frequency environment, earth, and one of the side effects of this low frequency is a stupor-like state we call thinking. The EMI runs by thinking. Misidentification with sensory perceptions and what it produces – thought - is what humanity uses to create endless limitations.

What’s one way we can stop the EMI?

Perpetual meditation through the shedding of misidentification. A short cut is to simply pretend you just arrived here – no past, no future. Stay that way and the self will emerge and the EMI will eventually lose its sway over your eternal freedom, joy, and divine nature.

What is meditation?

The Self is meditation. It’s what exists prior to the body, thought, emotions, concepts, and beliefs. It’s our natural state of being – completeness, unending joy, and love.

Is there life after death?

Life and death are concepts. Consciousness it eternal and simply moves about within the multiverse in order to experience, learn and evolve.

You have stated that beliefs and non-beliefs are the same thing. How is that possible?

Anything whose landing spot lies outside of the Self is either a belief or a non-belief. Such as, ‘I believe in a heaven out there’ outside of the Self. That is the same thing, metaphysically speaking, as saying, “I don’t believe in a heaven’ out there, outside of the Self. Beliefs and non-beliefs are the same thing. Delusions born of non-clarity. Anything outside of the immortal self is essentially a misperception and misunderstanding. Both belief and non-belief are disempowering as they create the experience of duality. This distracts from authentic Self-Realization by keeping attention away from inner awareness through beliefs and non-beliefs.

How did you invent the Ascend The Frequencies Healing Technique?

This new paradigm of self-healing is birthed from a higher consciousness understanding like kriya yoga or original meditation. Through the wisdom and power born of true liberation, authentic alchemy can now be understood and utilized for humanity’s self-directed self-healing.

Can we change our genetics to improve health?

Every choice we make changes our genetics. It is our state-of-being that dictates our perceived options. The more we live in accordance with what we really are – sentience comprised of the supreme vibration of wisdom and love – our life choices will then reflect this. This changes our genetics. We will not reach for anything of lower frequency, which includes beliefs that eventually express themselves through our behavior. By living truthfully and authentically to our essence, we heal ourselves because our higher vibration will dictate the wise and loving choices we make not just for ourselves but for each other as well.

Why did Source/God create humanity?

So it had something to love in order to learn about itself.

Are there things we should or shouldn’t be doing to take care of ourselves while we are incarnate?

Absolutely. Imagine a submarine. It’s a marvel of design and technology. It can be submerged miles deep within the ocean, and yet it runs smoothly and perfectly. The moment it takes anything in from its environment, it begins to falter, break down, and eventually sinks. The human vehicle was also expertly designed and works in a very similar way. Meaning, when we do not misidentify or take in anything as the Self—what we call information—from this low-frequency environment, your pristine and divine vehicle will work at optimum efficiency. Specifically, the current belief systems and so-called knowledge surrounding humanity are toxic and will only serve to lead one astray from our inherent divinity, perfection, and freedom. Information is another word for vibration, and your expertly designed biological computer (body) doesn’t work optimally with anything born of low frequency.

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is self-realization and vice versa. It is the shedding of everything that we are not. It is the direct access to what we are and where we come from. It is access to the vast wisdom and love that you actually are. It is based upon the level, amount or weight of each individualized soul. In other words, one person’s self-realization is unique to them. It is not a universal level, destination or state of being. It depends on the sentience. What currently passes for enlightenment today is not my understanding of it. There is much beyond enlightenment. Self-realization is just the beginning of multiple levels or classifications of enlightenment but that is a discussion for a later time.

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