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Beyond Enlightenment:
Authentic Self-Mastery Course

Start Date: April 20, 2024
End Date: August 3, 2024
Saturdays - 11:00am CST

RJ has condensed his higher consciousness wisdom and knowledge along with the advanced teachings he mastered into this truly unique, one-of-a-kind, transformational Self-Mastery Class.

This advanced level of coaching, energetic protocols, and guidance towards self-realization, freedom and renewed health is designed to turbo charge your self-realization, release old patterns of limitation and help you live the fullest, most joyous and successful life possible.
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What is Self-Mastery?

Human incarnation into the low frequencies of the physical universe within our current timeline is extremely challenging


All of us experience unrelenting financial pressures, severe societal conditioning, and extreme brainwashing. We are the targeted recipients of constant trauma-based mind control and unrelenting fear-based negative bombardment from every possible angle...even angles and frequencies human beings are completely unaware of. 

Self-Mastery does not remove you from the human experienceIt affords you the ability to greatly minimize, if not totally transcend its affects upon you – in a very real, practical, and moment-to-moment way. 

Mounting bills, rising prices, less personal freedom, strained relationships, non-stop politicizing, job pressures, and tighter controls on making a living is not going away.

What does go away through Self-Mastery is your debilitating and demoralizing identification to it.

Self-Mastery gives you the ever present, moment-to-moment ability to always be rooted in something far greater and infinitely more powerful than just your beliefs, wants, intellect, and physical body. 

Self-Mastery gives you direct access, utilization, and unification with the eternal, immortal, and undefeatable I AM.

Self-Mastery carries you across hurricane waters with joy and lightness in your heart and a clear mind... No more perpetual exhaustion or confusion due to your human character swimming harder and harder against a current that doesn’t exist. 


It - Self-Mastery- is always and already within you.

These teachings and this course exist to simply remind you about yourself. ​

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Course Curriculum

In this advanced, (hidden) higher knowledge based accelerated program, RJ will teach the following curriculum:

  • The Twelve Eternal Truths

  • The Twelve Tenets of Self-Mastery

  • The Four Levels of Self-Realization

  • The Thirteen Original Ascended Masters

​Start Date: April 20, 2024

End Date: August 3, 2024

Time: 11:00am CST

Course Includes:

  • 16 sessions:  60-min live zoom classes + 15min open Q/A 

  • Merlin's Round Table in Every Class: in every class, select students will have up to 10 minutes each to receive 1-on-1 coaching from RJ while the class learns and listens. A true class favorite!

  • Weekly Written Learning Materials

  • Weekly Assignments & Practices

  • Lifetime Access to Class Recordings

  • New Learning System

  • New Community Chat Feature

  • Team Leader Opportunities

  • 24-7 Online Course/ App Access

  • 22+ Hours of Training

  • Bonus Sacred Geometry Meditations

  • 16 Total Sessions

If you are ready to discover, understand, and experience authentic self-mastery within you, do not waste another moment!
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