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What is Energy Healing? Part 3

The Symbiotic Nature Of Energy Healing The other integral aspect of energy healing I alluded to earlier is the patient's complete faith in themselves to get better as well as in the healer's ability. For energy healing to be as effective as possible both parties must have pure intentions and not limit themselves to any future expectation or past memory. Even the grandest of expectations is a limitation because it inhibits the myriad of ways healing can manifest. Both parties must be open and trust that the energy healing is doing what it does – harmonize what has become disharmonious. The recipient must surrender to being healed. We cannot transcend what we refuse to let go of. Otherwise, victory and freedom will always be outside of our grasp. Energy healing can work on any imbalance whether it resides in the mental, emotional, physical or even in the purely energetic realms. Most practitioners channel energy ‘down’ through their crown chakra, out their heart or palm chakras, and onto their patient. If it’s a remote healing, many will use the same methodology but incorporate an image of the person, whether mental or a literal photo, and direct the energy healing that way. Some healers include certain symbols, like in reiki, that act as a bridge for the energy to reach the intended recipient while other practitioners ask for assistance from energetic entities such as Arch Angels, Ascended Masters or Shamans while performing their energy healing. Every approach works based upon purity, intention, and sentient skill level of the energy healer. Just as important as the practitioner is, the faith and openness of the patient must be harnessed for ultimate healing. Highly sentient and truly skilled energy healers can clear a wide space within someone’s disorganized body of energy. This enables the patient to simply reclaim their divinity and perfection. Understanding that healing energy must be accepted and welcomed is paramount for it to be of the highest efficacy. That is always incumbent upon the recipient. They must be ready to let go and move past what is holding back their innate perfection and harmony. This can be a tremendous challenge, and often it is the toughest test we give ourselves during our lifetime. When this is the case, the energy healer needed must have already healed themselves, highly skilled and powerfully pure. Then, both healer and patient can harness their intention in complete communion with one another. I am fortunate enough to play the role of the healer and have experienced this communion and victory over disharmony many times. A New Paradigm Of Healing I created a new healing protocol in order to overcome my severe personal health challenges. There was no blueprint for healing permanent chest-down paralysis or so-called chronic genetic disease. I developed the ascend the frequencies healing technique from a state of true grace. Authentic cosmic consciousness gifted me the remembrance of this wisdom and love. This deep rooted memory of how healing actually works is what brought my destroyed and ravaged body back to vitality and health. These new energy healing protocols, exercises, and techniques have helped countless others on their healing journey of self-awareness. My joy is that I get to serve with honor the noblest of all endeavors – the healing and freeing of humanity. Energy healing is incredibly powerful. I have seen it change many lives including my own. It can heal people on levels far beyond our sensory perceptions. When done powerfully and purely it does just that. We must first throw away belief/non-belief and expectation. Those illusions only get in the way of the higher frequency energy that will heal you if you simply summon the courage to surrender. Reclaim your own eternal divinity and inner perfection. Your surrender to what you are shall heal all that is untrue. The only thing you have to lose is your own suffering. God’s healing energy to one and all, always. I AM your holy brother, RJ

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